Character Building Program at Dows Lane

  • The Character Committee’s belief at Dows Lane is that certain core values are the basis of good character. It has devoted its belief that values such as respect, responsibility, self-control, and honesty are necessary to become valuable members of the Dows Lane community and society. By focusing on these four character traits, we hope to shape each child’s attitude regarding good character and give them the courage to act responsibly in a variety of situations. We recognize this can only be done by engaging all members of the school staff along with parents in this endeavor.

    Our goal is to provide a fair and caring environment where students take ownership of their role in our community by utilizing these values and becoming active participants in ways to make the school a place where good character is recognized and valued.


    Monthly Themes

    September:  Community

    October:  Thinking Interdependently

    November:  Actions

    December:  Managing Impulsivity

    January:  Fairness

    February:   Thinking Flexibily

    March:  Ownership

    April:  Striving For Accuracy

    May:  Persistence

    June:  Self-Awareness