Health and Wellness

  • Health Office:

    The nurse serves the students, parents and staff and is the liaison with outside health care providers whose treatment of students is relevant to the students' school progress. The nurse performs all New York State mandated health screenings, dispenses medications to students according to physician orders, and provides emergency and routine medical care to students and staff. In addition, the nurse monitors the certification of medical immunizations and keeps on record completed physical examination forms for all new students and students entering grades fourth and fifth grade.

    Parents are encouraged to share with the school nurses any health issues, prescribed medications or emotional issues that may affect their child's performance in school. 
    Parents should always alert the nurse if their child is sick/contagious, has a disease/lice, etc.

    Allergy Aware Because We Care:

    As a school community, we have a commitment to the health and safety of all of our students.  We are writing to alert you that some of our students have a type of food allergy that can be particularly serious and, in some cases, life threatening.  If the offending food is ingested, the child may have an anaphylactic reaction resulting in the inability to breathe.

    For this reason, we have an “Allergy Aware Because We Care” environment at Dows Lane Elementary School.  We recognize that many children come to our school with food and other allergies that may impact his/her daily life.  As a Dows Lane family, we are sensitive to this as we learn and grow together.

    Being an “Allergy Aware Because We Care!” building also means that we are specifically a “nut aware” location.  Our food service vendor does not sell any foods that have or may contain nuts and peanuts, or are processed in or made in a factory that uses peanuts/tree nuts in their preparation.  Classrooms will also abide by the same criteria.

    In addition, there are things that you and your children can do to help keep these specific children safe.  In particular, please do not send snacks to school for snack time that:

    • contain peanuts/tree nuts
    • may contain peanuts/tree nuts
    • are made in a factory that processes peanuts/tree nuts
    • no homemade items as ingredients can't be confirmed

    Children who must have peanut butter/tree nuts, for whatever reason, can eat them at lunch time in the cafeteria.  Within the larger cafeteria setting, we will be able to enact certain protocols to help keep students with allergies safe that we would not be able to do in a small classroom setting.  Please pack a wipe packet and help us to remind your child that they must wash their hands and face after eating their peanut butter sandwich or nut based snack after lunch. Please feel free to label your child’s lunch to help them make the nut table decision with independence. This will also support our lunch aides and monitors in this process, especially with our youngest students.

    We have taken these measures to protect all of our students.  We understand that this may be an inconvenience to some, but an exposure to peanuts or nuts can be life-threatening to some.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to building administration and/or our school nurse.

    Daily Snack:

    At Dows Lane we believe that healthy eating directly supports brain development and the ability for children to sustain attention and learn throughout the day. A daily healthy snack is a vital part of each day at our school.  When needed, our school nurse may provide a snack for students.

    Over the Counter Medications:

    All over the counter medications, as per NYS, cannot be self provided or administered by the school nurse without a doctor's note and medication form. This includes cough drops.

    Remember, if you child has a fever greater than 100.4 degrees, he/she must stay home, or be picked up, even with fever reducing medicine. Please keep your child home for 24 hours after fever ends or they have completed 24 hours of a medication prescribed by a medical professional.

    When to Keep Your Child Home:

    Click here for a special letter from our school nurse.

    When alerted by our school nurse and building administration, our custodial staff conducts additional surface cleaning to support a healthy school environment.

    Immunizations & Physicals


    Under NYS Law, students may not be admitted to class without proof of an up-to-date immunization record. This is an official document prepared by your child’s physician and submitted to our Health Office to be kept in your child’s health records.


    A complete physical is also required for any new student and for all students. Please call the Health Office, 914-591-6015, for more information regarding process and forms.

    Lice Check:

    Yearly, the PTSA provides lice checks for all students. At other times throughout the year when a child is identified as having lice, the nurse will check all students in that classroom. Once a case of lice has been identified, an e-mail will be sent to all families in case of contact during lunch, bus or other school activity. Parents are strongly encouraged to let the school know as soon as possible if their child has lice.

    Illness or Injuries at School:

    Should your child become ill or injured during the school day, the following steps will be taken:

    If the illness or injury can be sufficiently treated by our Health Office, you will be notified of the incident and the steps taken to care for your child.

    If it is determined that your child should go home, you will need to arrange to pick up your child as quickly as possible.

    If the illness or injury requires immediate emergency medical attention, the Health Office and the school Crisis Team will immediately take action while the office contacts a parent.

    District Wellness Committee:

    All schools/districts are now mandated to have Wellness Committees. The goal of this committee is to promote healthy lifestyles regarding increased physical activity and healthier food choices. Our Wellness Committee has worked collaboratively with our food service provider to create healthy and attractive choices for our students’ lunch program. Your classroom teacher will provide a handout at the beginning of the school year with suggestions for healthy school snacks


    Click here for all Health Forms