Safety and Daily School Daily Procedures

  • Due to ongoing updates, please refer to the Dows Lane Buzz emails for the most up-to-date information.



    All doors at Dows Lane are locked throughout the day.  After supervised arrival, the main entrance is locked at 8:00 AM. At our Dows Lane main entrance, a security greeter is present at all times.  All visitors must buzz in and sign in with our security greeter. All visitors are directed to the main office for further assistance.


    • Each month, all students participate in safety drills. We also recognize that for some of our youngest students, this may be the first time they are practicing drills.
    • Fire drills are the most common as they are our first level of evacuation.   
    • Other drills are practiced monthly including:
      • Lockdowns (in the event of threat inside the building)
      • Lockouts (in the event of a threat outside of the building)
      • Shelter in Place (in the event of high winds/weather/natural disaster)
      • Hold in Place (in the event we need to keep children in classes due to emergency personnel in the building)
      • Off Site Evacuations (in the event we must leave Dows Lane).  

    For safety reasons, we do not release full procedures and directions for these drills.  

    Emergency School Closings:  

    Send Word Now is a service the district uses to alert parents of weather related closures, delays or emergency related events.  You can receive alerts on your home phone, cell phone, email, as well as a text message. Please contact the Main Office at 914-591-6012 with changes to any contact information. You can also stay informed via News 12 or WFAS Radio. The websites are listed below:

    School closings are also reported on the following websites:
    Channel 12 -
    WFAS -

    Bus Safety:

    All buses are attended by a bus monitor in addition to their driver.  Students receive safety tips and experience a bus safety drill two times during the school year.  Please remind your child that all safety procedures they would follow in your car MUST be followed on the school bus. In addition, please remind your child that the rules at Dows Lane are the same as the rules on the bus. Students who violate bus rules are in jeopardy of facing school consequences and potential bus suspension.

    Dows Lane School-wide Bus Expectations can be found here

    Code of Conduct:

    Click here for the Irvington Schools Code of Conduct
    Click here for the Elementary Plain Language Version of the Code of Conduct

    Building Security & Visitor Procedures:

    At our Dows Lane main entrance, a security greeter is present at all times.  All visitors must be buzzed in and sign in with our security greeter. All visitors are directed to the main office for further assistance.

    • Visiting a classroom or staff member:  
      • All visitors to our school building are required to sign in at the greeter desk.   If you are visiting a classroom, you will need to make sure that the classroom teacher is expecting you.  If you are visiting a staff member, you should schedule an appointment in advance.
      • If you do not have an appointment, we may not be able to meet you at that moment. 
      • Upon signing in, the greeter will give you a visitor badge that you must wear during your time at Dows Lane.
      • You must show photo identification. 
    • Dropping off something for your child or picking something up:  
      • All items may be left with our greeter who will ensure they are delivered to the appropriate location or student. 
      • Please label items with your child and teacher names.
      • To maintain uninterrupted instructional time, no adult is permitted to deliver any items to the classroom directly. 
    • Medical pick up or Emergency needs:   
      • We are always here to help.
      • Please let the greeter know at sign in what you may need.
      • You will be directed immediately to the nurse of main office.    

    Emergency Dismissal Forms:

    Please be sure we have an accurate record for any and all phone numbers by which we can contact an immediate family member.  In addition, you will be required to identify guardians who have your permission to pick up a child in the event of any change in procedures or emergencies.  

    Child Custody and Visitation Rights:

    • In order to follow the dictates of the law, when a Dows Lane family experiences divorce or separation, it is necessary for building administrator to obtain a copy of the most recent/updated court orders regarding custody and visitation in any cases that restricts one parent’s rights to see or be in contact with a child.  
    • Without legal paperwork, the school has no authority to remove a parent from our premises or refuse a parent’s access to his or her child. Please know that all such documents remain strictly confidential.