Lunch and Recess

  • Lunch is served daily at Dows Lane Monday through Friday for children in all grades K-3.  All children have 25 minutes for free play at recess and 25 minutes to eat their lunch. We include a 5 minute crossover time to optimize recess and eating time.  

    Lunch Times:

    dows lane lunch schedule


    School lunch menus will be available monthly here: Food Service  

    A prepaid lunch option is available through We strongly encourage the use of this program to support the flow of purchasing in the lunchroom.  

    Student ID numbers are the personal pin number for purchases through “MySchoolBucks”.  We encourage all children to practice typing in their ID # on the picture of the keypad below. Students in K and 1st grade will have access to a lunch card, but starting in 2nd grade, we require children to memorize their pin numbers. This also helps support the flow of the lunchroom.

    Nutrikids Practice Keypad

    Starting in 2018-2019, improved healthy snack options will be added, as well as offering ice cream treats on Fridays only.  

    Students are allowed to purchase one snack daily.  This is to support healthy eating choices and learning about a “balanced plate”.