Lunch and Recess

  • Due to ongoing updates, please refer to the Dows Lane Buzz emails for the most up-to-date information.

    Lunch is served daily at Dows Lane for children in all grades.  All children have 25 minutes for recess and 25 minutes for lunch. We include transition time to optimize recess, eating, and socializing.  

    Lunch/ Recess times:

    10:45-11:40 - 1st and 3rd grade eat lunch and enjoy recess

    11:45- 12:40 - Kindergarten and 2nd grade eat lunch and enjoy recess


    School lunch menus will be available monthly here: Food Service  

    Families need to set up an account in  for students to purchase a lunch or snack in the cafeteria. Students receive a lunch card with a bar code to scan for purchases.

    Financial assistance is available for families for a student's lunch. Please contact Gina Menendez, Kindergarten-5th grade Social Worker, for more information.

    Dows Lane Outdoor Recess Practices

    Our Belief:

    As a school, we believe that outdoor play, fresh air, and exploration are essential for healthy development for children. Our students go outside for recess every day possible. 

    6 reasons children need to play outside

    School Recess: When Is It Too Cold To Go Out To Recess?

    When is it too hot for recess?


    The Administration and School Nurse use the considerations below when determining outdoor or indoor recess. Our bottom line is student and staff safety.

    • Real-feel temperature
    • Factors such as wind chill and weather conditions (sun, cloud coverage, high winds, etc…)
    • Safety due to ice, snow/wet ground or wet playground equipment
    • NYSPHSSA (New York State Public High School Athletic Association) recommendations

    Students should come to school dressed in layers so they are prepared to go outside when possible and can also stay comfortable throughout the day. In the winter months, if students do not have adequate outerwear, they will stay in the Health Office during recess time.