• Children who read, become stronger readers

    Reading is a skill that needs to be developed and practiced in order to become proficient. Children need to learn to be strong readers not only for school, but for everything they want to accomplish in the future. The ability to read, and read well, helps a child learn new information iand grow.

    The more children read, the better they become at reading

    That's the simple, but critical way to become a better reader. Practice, practice, practice. If children read books that they find enjoyable, they will start to find pleasure in reading- which is a habit we want to cultivate at a young age. Reading should be viewed as something fun and enjoyable.

    Reading opens up new worlds for children

    Children can find connections and understanding through books, magazines, websites, apps, etc... Doors open and there is no limit to the places children can travel in their minds through books. Reading can light a desire and also be a comforting solace when children need an escape. Through books and stories, children also learn about people and places from around the world. Developing citizens of the world starts at a young age and reading can help create their foundation of respect, awareness, and diversity.

    Reading supports social skills

    Reading books and listening to books, children start to make connections with characters. As they deepen their understanding of character's choices, motivations, and actions, children begin to develop their own sense of self and advocacy. Having conversations about books helps children learn important life lessons about courage, bravery, patience, understanding, and kindness. Books can bring children, classes, our school, families, and our community together, as we share precious texts and our thoughts and conversations.