Arrival Procedures and Safety

  • Absences and Lateness:

    If your child is going to be absent or late for any reason, you must call the Dows Lane Main Office at 914-591-6012 to report the reason for your child’s absence or lateness. For health related absences and/or to make the nurse aware of a health related issue that may impact your child’s day, please call Nurse Fleming at 914-269-5150.

    Attendance Improvement Plan:

    • Students with 4 unexcused late or absent days in a marking period, will receive an email from the classroom teacher, alerting the family to our concern.
    • Monthly attendance reports will be run in the office to keep track of students with 4 or more unexcused late or absent days in a marking period.
    • Students with 5 unexcused late or absent days in a marking period, will receive a letter from the principal. Gina Menendez, District Social Worker, will check in with the parent/ student.
    • Students with 6 or more unexcused late or absent days in a marking period, will receive a phone call from Gina Menendez, District Social Worker, to communicate our concern and/or set up a meeting in school.

    Arrival Procedures:  

    Starting at 7:45 AM, children may enter the building through the main Dows Lane entrance and proceed to classrooms with hallway supervision. Classes begin at 8:00 AM. 

    By Bus:  We encourage all students, who are able, to take the bus. It is a safe and timely way to arrive at school. Buses begin to arrive at 7:45 AM.   Students are dropped off at the curb and Dows Lane aides are present to assist with arrival.  

    By Car: If you are driving your child to school, safety is a priority.  We ask for your patience and consideration during drop off in the drop off circle. Please watch for children exiting cars and staff member directing traffic. 

    • Drop off begins at 7:45 in the drop off circle.  
    • Pull up as far as you can into the circle with child exiting curbside ONLY!
    • Do not drop off your child until a staff member is present.

    Late Arrival:  Students who arrive after 8:00 AM will require a late pass.  

    Walking School Bus:

    The PTSA Walking School Bus will be walking to Dows Lane on Thursday mornings throughout the fall and spring. If you'd like to find a route near you, or create one, please contact coordinator Emily Sobol. If you'd like to walk with us next Thursday morning, please contact to confirm your signup and route. For questions call 914-396-3676.

    Click here for the Walking School Bus Consent Form

    Dismissal Procedures and Reminders:

    For all dismissals, please be sure your child's Dows Lane Emergency Dismissal Form and the Dows Lane Transportation Dismissal Form include up to date information, which includes the designated adults who are allowed to pick up your child.

    • We cannot release children without this written permission.
    • Please do not take a neighbor's child without their prior approval. This includes at bus stops.  
    • Children who are not picked up or met at the bus stop will be brought back to the main office.

    By Bus:  

    • Dismissal begins at 2:15 PM with all 3rd grade classes called to the buses first. This is to support the order of student seating on the bus with oldest to youngest students from the back of the bus to the front.
    • Teachers walk all classes and dismiss at each bus using a clipboard system to check dismissal directions.
    • On the bus, all students must wear seat belts.
    • Bus behavior expectations must be followed at all times, whether the bus is moving or not.
    • Each bus has a monitor.
    • If you are not able to meet your child at the bus stop, the bus will return your child to school.  
    • Neighbors are not allowed to take your child off the bus without written permission.
    • In addition, as per bus policy, children are not allowed to ride a different bus to attend play dates.  Playdates must be arranged with written permission for pick up, or arranged after buses bring children to designated stops.


    • Students are dismissed to the gym and wait until a designated adult signs them out
    • Adults, please enter through the outer gym door near the District Office entrance starting at 2:18PM.
    • Please have a valid id available to show to staff to comply with our dismissal safety procedures

     Changes in Your Child’s Dismissal:  

    • When there is a change in your child’s dismissal plan, please send written note to your child's teacher.
    • Please do not send an email, teachers may not check their email during the day, and substitutes have no access to school email
    • In the event of an emergency during the day, please call the office (914-591-6012) to change your child’s dismissal.

    Enrichment Program Pick Up:  

    When the Dows Lane After School Enrichment Program is in session, participating children will gather in the cafeteria at dismissal to be met by program teachers.  After school programs communicate their pick up procedures.