School Tax Information

  • The Town of Greenburgh is the tax collector for the Irvington UFSD.  All inquiries on tax bills should be directed to The Town of Greenburgh at 914-989-1550 or via the following website:

    Town of Greenburgh, Tax Department

    Property assessments are done by the Assessor of the Town of Greenburgh, Edye McCarthy.  Questions pertaining to a property assessment, which school district a property resides within and STAR information should be directed to the Assessor’s office at 914 989-1520 or via the following website:

    Town of Greenburgh, Assessor's Office

    The current tax rate for 2017-18 is $19.1365 per thousand of assessed value.

    The estimated tax rate for 2018-19 is $19.41 per thousand of assessed value and will be finalized in July 2018 once the assessment roll is finalized.

    You may estimate your school tax using the following tax calculator: 2018 Property Tax Calculator

    Click here for the 2018-19 Property Tax Report Card

     Notification to Taxpayers  

    Pursuant to Section 211 of the Retirement and Social Security Law, the District is employing Stewart Hanson as Director of Health, Physical Education & Athletics for the 2019-2020 school year.  Stewart Hanson shall be compensated $150,000 and pursuant to the law is also permitted to access his/her pension while employed.