• Our Student Support Services Team serves to provide support to students, families, teachers, and staff in a variety of ways. They provide individual counseling, skills group counseling, classroom lessons, parent/teacher consultation, crisis intervention, and parent skills training.  They work collaboratively with IHS teachers, administrators, the school nurse,  and other related service providers to support the social, emotional and academic success of each student. 

    The School Psychologists conduct evaluations that include classroom observations in order to assess a child's cognitive abilities, learning style, and social-emotional strengths and weaknesses.  They assist families in understanding the CSE process and act as coordinator of IEP development.  They coordinate and prepare  Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA) and Behavioral Intervention Plans (BIP). They  provides crisis intervention, individual and group counseling services, and parent workshops. They act as CSE chairperson for annual reviews.

    The School Social Worker provides individual and group counseling, classroom lessons, crisis intervention , and linkage to community mental health supports for students and families. She serves as the liaison between families and the school to positively promote collaborative processes in educational planning for students by encouraging parent/guardian participation in the school setting.  She participates as a member of various school based teams to develop interventions and programming for improving students' academic and social emotional functioning .

    The Student Assistance Counselor works for Student Assistance Services Corp and serves as the the substance abuse prevention specialist.  She provides individual and group counseling to assess and aid students with mental health and/or substance use problems and provides mandated counseling for students caught on campus with substances.