A Parent's Guide to Distance Learning

  • During the extended closure due to COVID-19, the Irvington schools are committed to supporting our students and families through these unsettling and challenging times. While we may not be seeing your children in the hallways and classrooms of our school buildings, we remain deeply connected and invested in their learning.

    This Parent Guide is designed to provide you with important information regarding the District's implementation of Distance Learning. Our staff have been working diligently to design and deliver learning experiences for students that can be delivered remotely using a wide variety of platforms and resources. We have provided professional development for our teachers and continue to support them in learning new ways to teach in a virtual environment.

    We recognize that this is a challenging time for both parents and educators and, more than ever, appreciate the strong partnership between the community and the schools. Together, we continue to support each other and look forward to the day when our school buildings are abuzz with students once again. 

    Stay safe and be well.