Google Outage Learning Resources

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     Engage in meditation sessions with Mrs. Jennifer Monness access this link, and enter password “Med1t@tionLabs!  
    Additional Learning Activities: 

    Take a trip around Mars and see where Spirit and Opportunity landed; you see the balloons still on the surface! Go to Olympus Mons and see the Great Canyon. What a trip!

    Field Trip to Mars

    Anatomy and physiology come to life on this tour of the Bodies exhibit. 

    Bodies Exhibit

    Love baseball? Check out the tour of the Baseball Hall of Fame!

    Hall of Fame tour

    Take a virtual reality tour of the most amazing New York City landmarks

    Virtual Tour

    See Women’s History come to life at the birthplace of the Women’s Rights movement.

    Women’s Rights National Historic Park

    Be a tourist in your town on this amazing Landmarks Conservancy tour!

    Landmarks Conservancy Tour

    Here’s a fun way to play with numbers. Check out the National Math Museum!

    National Math Museum

    Tour collections and exhibits at art museums around the world!

    Google Arts and Culture`

    Try your hand at war strategy from the Revolutionary Era.

    Be Washington

    The History of your Home?? Check out all of the different people who came through your home before you1

    History of Your Home

    Games, Games, Games! Geography and science challenges galore!

    Learning Games

    Breakout edu is a google based entity - basically virtual breakout rooms - solving problems to "breakout".


    This link contains various types of Virtual Field Trips that science related.  These field trips include virtually going to various places around the world and observing really cool phenomena.  

    Science Field Trips