Important UPDATED Information Related to AP Exams - 5/17/2020

  • Dear AP Students,
    As we begin the second week of AP exams, we would like to express how proud we are of our students, who have handled an immensely trying exam period with grace and perseverance. We know that students--including some of our own--have encountered difficulties with these exams, and we know that for these students it has been an upsetting and frustrating experience. We also know that worries about potential problems have created increased stress for all test takers during what is already a stressful time. We commend you for continuing to face these challenges head on.
    We are writing to share updates College Board has made to the test taking process for the remainder of the testing period. Please read the bulleted summary of the communication from College Board that schools received this weekend for more information on these changes. Please read Submission Guidelines: Backup Email Submission if you would like more information on these updates.
    • Starting Monday, May 18th, College Board is implementing a backup email submission process for students who encounter problems submitting exam responses.
    • If a student receives a “We Did Not Receive Your Response” message at the end of their exam, they will also be given instructions for how to send the response by email. These emails should be sent immediately after the exam concludes.
    • Instructions will include an email address that will be specific to each student, and therefore should not be shared.
    • If you are unable to send your response through email, or encounter a testing issue that affects your exam, but does not result in the “We Did Not Receive Your Response” message (for example, illness) you will need to fill out the AP Makeup Testing Request Form.
    • This email submission process applies to exams given during the week of May 18-22, as well as makeup exams given the week of June 1-5. 
    • While we are aware that there were instances of unsuccessful submissions, unfortunately, we have learned that College Board is not accepting emailed responses for exams taken during the first week of AP testing, May 11-15. This is out of our hands and is solely the decision of College Board. If you had issues submitting your exam last week and did not report it yet, please let Ms. Zerbo know. We will continue to advocate on behalf of our students.  
    • Students should check Tips to Avoid Problems on Exam Day in order to best prepare for exams.
    Due to this change in policy, we are advising all students to take and keep a picture of all AP responses for their own records (excluding audio responses for AP Music Theory, AP French and AP Spanish). We do not know if you will need to provide these pictures, but it is best to have them as a backup for your own records. It is also important to pay attention to the message displayed at the end of the exam, as it will let you know if there are additional steps you need to take.
    We would also like to remind all students that if they encounter testing issues, they should contact Ms. Zerbo immediately to inform her. If any students experienced problems during exams last week and have not already been in contact with Ms. Zerbo, please reach out now.
    These are challenging times, no question, and the obstacles presented to us by technology are frustrating. What we know--what we've always known--is that the Bulldogs can overcome these obstacles by showing that same tenacity and focus that has always made us great. Keep up the good work and know that we're behind you, advocating for the best possible outcomes for all.
    Ms. Zerbo
    Mr. Samuelson