IHS Scheduling for 2020-2021- 4/3/2020

  • Dear Irvington Students and Families,
    I hope this email finds you well, healthy and safe. What an exciting and intense week of distance learning. I remain so incredibly proud of the hard work, perseverance, dedication, flexibility and commitment to community that I’ve observed. Students, families, teachers and staff have been working in such partnership, with strong communication and a continued unified goal. Thank you all!  
    Today’s communication is meant to share information regarding updates to our Course Planning Process for the 2020-2021 school year.  
    Action: The only action required at this point is to ensure that your child completed the online Program Planning Scheduling Form, which was assigned through Google Classroom. If your child has not already done so, please ensure they complete the appropriate link below:
    *a few current 10th graders met 1:1 with their Counselor before the 
    COVID-19 distance learning model. Those current 10th graders do
    not have to complete the form. If you are unsure you can reach out
    to your counselor.  
    Rising 10th & 11th Graders:  https://forms.gle/isqEGEkYn6KZuRak
    No further action is needed at this time :-)
    New Key Step: Moving forward, we are adding a new, key step to our course selection process in an effort to strengthen communication and confirm with students and families that the appropriate courses have been requested.     
    At this time, you will also learn which honors courses your child has qualified for and is requesting.
    Future Communication: Later this month, you will receive an email from Ms. Emily Colman, the Chair of the Counseling Department, and me advising you of the start of our new Course Verification Period. During this time Student Course Requests will be available for review online. Please note that families and students will not see an actual schedule, but rather a list of the courses the student has requested.  
    New Course Verification Period: You will be asked to log into Home Access to review your child’s Course Requests with them. At that time, if there are any changes to Course Requests, you will be asked to follow the process outlined in the email you will receive later this month.  
    Historically, the opportunity for students and families to first share input regarding final course selection occured in late summer- this year it will be done in April. Gaining this final feedback in April as opposed to August allows us to tally student course requests much earlier. As a result, the building can be more accurate in identifying the number of sections of each course needed in an effort to best meet student needs. Please note that courses with insufficient enrollment requests may not run. Our goal is to eliminate course changes in August.   
    Again, more detailed information, including how to request a change will be shared later this month. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  
    Many thanks,