Remote Learning Independent Skills Videos & Activities

  • Navigating Digital Information Preview
    John Green previews the new Crash Course on Navigating Digital Information, created through a partnership with MediaWise, The Poynter Institute, and The Stanford History Education Group.


    Crash Course Video #1: Introduction to Navigating Digital Information
    In the first video of the series, host John Green introduces the course and discusses the challenges of navigating information online.

    Crash Course Video #2: The Facts About Fact Checking
    In the second video of the series, John Green discusses how professional fact checkers evaluate information online and introduces three questions that are the cornerstones of civic online reasoning (COR): (1) Who’s behind the information, (2) What’s the evidence, and (3) What do other sources say? 

    How to Find Better Information Online: Click Restraint
    When searching for information online, don't automatically click the first search result!

    Who's behind this information? Saturday School  student activity 
    Without learning to investigate who is behind information online, we risk being taken in by sources and arguments that are more complicated or conflicted than we realize. In this lesson, students read arguments about mandatory Saturday school as an introduction to the importance of investigating who is behind information and how a source’s motivation could affect what it presents.

    Intro to What’s the Evidence? Saturday School student activity
    We must be able to analyze evidence in order to effectively evaluate online information. In this lesson, students practice evaluating evidence that is presented in three online arguments about mandatory Saturday school. 

    Who's behind this information? Saturday School - student activity
    This lesson introduces students to the importance of corroborating arguments and verifying information across multiple online sources. Students practice corroborating claims and evidence presented in sources about mandatory Saturday School.