April 30, 2020 Message

  • Greetings Irvington Family!
    We are writing today to provide an update regarding the schedule and timeline related to our Master Schedule Inquiry given this pandemic.  
    As you know, for many years, Irvington High School has been considering the possibility of implementing changes to its master schedule, changes identified and recommended by a team of faculty, staff, students and community stakeholders. 
    This year, we began with a targeted goal of taking a clear and deliberate inventory of our current structures. We have taken several successful steps in that regard. We created an Extended Master Schedule Inquiry Team made up of representatives of all stakeholders groups. We broadened the conversation to include parents from the middle and elementary schools and we created protocols aimed at collecting the insights, historical wisdom and philosophies of all. A student survey created in partnership with the Student Council and a series of Extended Master Schedule Inquiry Team meetings, and public sessions, helped us to begin to develop that deeper understanding we have sought to achieve. Our internal Master Schedule Inquiry Team worked simultaneously to develop that important staff and faculty vision through similar processes.
    At this time, given the long pause we have taken as a state and the shift to distance learning, we have come to the difficult realization that it is best to continue this brand of open and transparent introspection and communication in person. These discussions are multifaceted and more complex and are best achieved when we can meet together in person. Thus, today we are sharing that we will be postponing the ultimate implementation of any changes (if any are identified early next year) until the 2022-2023 school year. 
    Our deepest thanks go to the members of the Extended Master Schedule Inquiry Team. This has been challenging and time consuming work. They have been generous with their energy, their insights, their patience and their beliefs and we would not have been able to generate the understanding of the community that we have come to learn without their help.
    The work will continue next year--we will continue to strive to meet that goal of self-understanding so that we can make a most thoughtful recommendation. The delay is frustrating but necessary and we have every belief that this important process will move forward.
    Meanwhile, we wish you wellness and happiness for the rest of the school year. 
    Juliet and Matt