February 27, 2020 Message

  • Greetings Irvington Family!
    We write with continued excitement to share updates related to our Bulldog schedule inquiry.  We held our first Extended Master Schedule Inquiry Team meeting on February 25th. This committee of over 50 self-identified stakeholders is comprised of a Board of Education Trustee, Campus and District administration, staff, students, and members of the community.  Members of the team reviewed the findings from student surveys, open public community sessions, and similar engagement protocols with staff throughout the year and team members shared additional insights. Notable highlights include the importance of focusing on our students’ social emotional wellness and the importance of student choice as it relates to electives/course selection.   
    This team will meet again on April 14th to begin to explore potential philosophical and/or structural suggestions to our current schedule and school culture.  Then, we will hold our final public session this year on April 23rd at 8am and 6pm in the CPR to provide the community with an update on our progress and collect additional, final feedback and insight.  The Extended Master Schedule Inquiry Team will continue to meet to achieve its goal to formulate a recommendation related to the high school schedule later this spring for potential implementation in the 2021-2022 school year.  
    We look forward to our continued partnership with all stakeholders and will continue to communicate our progress.  
    Many thanks,
    Juliet & Matt