October 18, 2019 Message

  • Dear Irvington School Community,

    We are writing to share an update regarding the proposed High School Master Schedule that had been previously presented to the school community. While we believe there are areas for growth and improvements that can be made to enhance student learning and in-school experiences in our high school, we also believe that additional time to focus on this topic will be beneficial to achieving a stronger result. Therefore, we have decided to extend the review of the current schedule to allow for additional input and a clearer decision of the next right step for IHS.

    As we move forward, we appreciate the Scheduling Committee’s development of critical attributes which will serve as a valuable resource. Further, the feedback that was gathered from students and the broader school community was critical in informing our next steps. We will continue to invite community members to email us with their thoughts and suggestions as we move forward.

    In an effort to consider new options for the Master Schedule, we are seeking volunteers to serve on the Extended Master Schedule Inquiry Committee. The committee will be comprised of school and District staff and leadership, students and parents and will meet throughout the late winter and spring to brainstorm new ideas to further the work that will enhance our culture of excellence and help to create a plan for possible schedule modification options. Together, we will host additional public forums in the spring to share our progress and gather more community insight. The committee will  onsider concepts that will inform recommendations, which will be communicated to the broader school community. Using these recommendations, we intend to use the 2020-21 school year for necessary planning and professional development with the goal of implementing schedule modification for the 2021-22 school year. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please complete the application by clicking here.

    Additionally, in the latter part of January, we will seek to gather more community input through a series of workshops. All community members are encouraged to attend and share their thinking. As always, we ask for your partnership, so please email us with your thoughts, concerns or questions. We thank you for your patience and understanding and we look toward the future!

    Best always,

    Juliet and Matt