January 13, 2020 Message

  • Dear Irvington Family,
    Happy New Year once again! We hope you’re all well and that you and your family are enjoying a pleasant January.
    We write you today to share an update related to our inquiry into the high school master schedule. Over the past few months, the High School Master Schedule Inquiry Team has continued to review the current master schedule. In this process, we have been engaged in identifying the values or principles related to scheduling that are of most importance to us and have also sought to name the associated strengths and challenges that are present with schedule structure. As we mentioned earlier this year, we are eager to hear from the community, as well.
    With that in mind, we are seeking community feedback on the current IHS master schedule at one of two events to take place on Wednesday, 1/22. Central to our conversation will be a consideration of the Areas of Focus document attached. Please take a few moments to review this chart; it provides a crosswalk of those quantities the Master Schedule Inquiry team generated over the past months with the Scheduling Attributes identified historically. If a discussion of these matters feels of interest to you, please consider whether you will lend your voice and perspective our session at 8am in the CPR or 7pm in the Library.
    If you’re interested in attending, please complete this RSVP form.
    We would love to see you there!
    Juliet & Matt