January 31, 2020 Message

  • Greetings Irvington Family,

    It is with great excitement that we are writing to share updates related to the High School schedule.  As you may know, the High School Scheduling Committee explored changes to the schedule resulting in a proposal for a new master schedule model. After careful consideration, it was decided not to move forward with the proposed hybrid model.  We remain committed to exploring the schedule and how it can best serve the needs of our students, putting student wellness and access to course offerings at the forefront. 

    To this end, the High School Master Schedule Inquiry Team has met several times over the past months, gaining the faculty perspective on our current schedule. To gain insight into the student perspective, students had the opportunity to participate in a survey which was made available through grade level Google classroom pages, classroom advertisements and a standing drop-in station in the atrium. If your child has not yet completed the survey, please do encourage them to do so. We have also held two public sessions on January 22nd to gain community perspectives regarding the schedule.  These sessions highlighted common themes related to student social/emotional wellness and choice that the Inquiry Team will further explore.

    The Extended Master Schedule Inquiry Team has been formed to review the findings of all of the inquiries made earlier this year, share insights and formulate recommendations related to the high school schedule. This committee is comprised of campus and district administration, staff, students, and members of the community and will have its first meeting on Tuesday, February 25th.

    We look forward to our continued partnership with all stakeholders and we will continue to communicate our progress.  

    Many thanks,

    Juliet & Matt