Calming Activities


    1. Warm Bath
    2. Turn off TV, radio, computer, cell phone, IPAD
    3. Deep Pressure – Bear Hugs, massage, wrap in a blanket
    4. Weighted blankets, Lap Pads, Weighted or Pressure vests, weighted stuffed animals
    5. Neoprene vest
    6. Snug fitted clothing – Under Armor; cotton T shirt –one size too small
    7. Stuffed animal corner, bean bag chair, large pillow
    8. Snuggle with firm pressure
    9. Joint compression activities such as finger pulling
    10. Gum
    11. Wrap up like a burrito using blanket or yoga mat
    12. Suck thick drink through straw or coffee stirrer
    13. Hide out in a “tent”, closet filled with pillows on the floor, large appliance cardboard box filled with pillows/stuffed animals
    14. Soothing smells such as vanilla or lavender
    15. Fidget toys, Putty
    16. White noise machine
    17. Play doh, putty, clay
    18. Heavy work – carry groceries, put away books on shelf, carry laundry basket, pick up blocks
    19. Reduce visual clutter especially in bedroom