Dows Lane Elementary School

The parking lot at Dows Lane is open to all visitors.  There are designated visitor spots located by the District Office side of the building, but all open spots may be used.


Please be aware there are some assigned spots marked by signs and/or marked with “reserved” on the pavement.  At times, you may see a cone reserving a spot. Please leave the cone in place.


During events, the parking lot may get very crowded.  All parking rules are in effect. Please do not park in the fire lane which lines the curb of the building.   Please do not block the Dows Lane entrance. In addition, please be aware that is a private house and driveway located off the District Office circle (located just left of the basketball court path and to the right of the cafeteria access driveway).  Please do not block this driveway. We appreciate your attention and cooperation.


Prior to 8:00 AM and beginning at 2:00 PM, the lot is closed for bus drop off and pick up.