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2021-22 Irvington School District Tenure Candidates


The following teachers are eligible for tenure. The Board of Education welcomes feedback from community members as part of a rigorous process that considers a variety of factors in determining whether a candidate receives tenure in Irvington. 

Dows Lane School:
Alissa Campbell, Counseling/Guidance
Karissa Conefry, Reading - Remedial
Michael McQuillan, Elementary
Tara Nemeth, Elementary
Gina Samaniego, School Media Specialist (Library)

Main Street School:
Jennifer Gallagher, Reading - Remedial
Jacqueline Hernandez, Teaching Assistant (2/4/2022)
Erin O'Neill, Elementary (11/6/22)

Irvington Middle School:
David Kendall, Special Education
Dionne Warren, Teaching Assistant

Irvington High School:
Mystery Lusk, Special Education
Lauren Paverman, Foreign Language
Devon Steuer, Foreign Language

Irvington Middle/High School:
Morgan Tannenbaum, Speech – Remedial (11/5/22)

Interested community members may send their comments to the Board of Education by email at Please note that all comments received from community members by the Board of Education will be shared with the Superintendent of Schools.