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Juniors and Seniors Engage in Storytelling Techniques

Juniors and seniors created their own, original short films after exploring the craft of filmmaking in their Analysis of Visual Literature class. As part of a hands-on learning experience at the Jacob Burns Film Center, they experienced film dynamically and applied the film techniques and language of cinema they’ve been studying about.

“The students created a short film about a character who wants something so desperately but is struggling to get it,” English teacher Melisa Gacevic said. “They explored the topics of ambition, alienation, identity and power.” 

While creating these films, the students were tasked with incorporating Show Don’t Tell, a film and literary technique that empowers the viewer to experience a story through actions, senses and feelings rather than dialogue and description. The students culminated their unique and memorable trip with a celebratory screening of their projects. 

“When we watched all of our movies, I was highly impressed with the quality of them and the storylines that people came up with,” senior Kaitlyn Krieger said. “It made me feel very creative. In class, we are always watching movies, but at Jacob Burns, we got the opportunity to be the ones behind the camera.”

Date Added: 1/18/2023