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MSS Names 2023 Spelling Bee Champions

Twenty-one fourth and 21 fifth graders competed in the annual Main Street School Spelling Bee championship on Jan. 6. They earned their way to the stage through a pre-bee qualifying round, which was held in December.

After nine rounds in the fourth grade competition, the winning title went to Allydiah Ding, who correctly spelled “dosage,” while Addie Rosato was named runner-up. The winner of the fifth grade spelling bee, which lasted for eight rounds, was Joseph Daniels with the winning word “delicatessen,” while Max Rees was named runner-up.

“Our finalists strived for accuracy and precision, applied past knowledge to a new situation, thought and communicated with clarity and took risks,” Principal Joyce Chapnick said. “I applaud all of them for participating in this special event.”

Special thanks to members of the Spelling Bee Committee and PTSA for making the event possible and to Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Human Resources Dr. Gail Duffy and Village of Irvington Mayor Brian Smith for serving as moderators.

Date Added: 1/11/2023