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Bridges Class Raises Money for Bulldog Family Fund

Members of Irvington High School’s Bridges class raised more than $700 for the Bulldog Family Fund over the course of three days. Throughout the experience, the students said they gained important skills while giving back to their community.

As part of the class, the students have opportunities to explore their interests through possible career paths and gain a variety of skills, including teamwork, communication and punctuality. For this year’s fundraiser, they chose to focus on the Bulldog Family Fund by selling baked goods and hot chocolate and hosting a thrift sale.

“The Irvington High School community was really kind and receptive to our fundraiser,” Colby Trafton said.

Throughout the experience, the students brainstormed ideas, wrote formal proposals and created presentations. They were assigned specific tasks that had to be completed by a deadline and reconvened daily to make sure everyone was hitting their benchmarks. They also created posters, flyers and set up bins for the donations. They said that through the experience, they learned how to communicate with each other, be punctual and take responsibility while also working together as a team.

“The fundraiser was a great experience, and the people in this community were wonderful and respectful toward us,” Rihana Barber said.

In addition, while the students sold most of the clothes during the thrift sale, they donated some items of clothing to the Midnight Run Club, whose members delivered the items to homeless individuals in New York City.

“I love this class because I love being able to work with others while at the same time giving back to the community,” Lily Colucci said.

Date Added: 1/10/2023