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Master Schedule Information

In 2016, the IHS faculty began a journey to analyze our master schedule and identify factors that would better support the cultural, instructional, wellness, and professional learning goals of the IHS community. As a result of our research and development regarding the master schedule over these past two years, the high school is planning to implement a new master schedule in the 2019-2020 school year that best meets these goals.

The process began with the development of a scheduling committee of 17 faculty members representative of all departments, as well as the guidance of an expert in developing educational master schedules, Dr. Michael Rettig. The work began with a comprehensive review of our current master schedule. In this process, the committee defined both the key attributes it wanted to maintain from our current structure as well as those features it felt were critical to establish in a new master schedule in order to address areas of need it had identified.

Additional steps of the schedule development process included the hosting of student and parent forums to gather feedback, interviewing and visiting schools that had implemented new master schedules that included aspects in support of the key attributes identified, and meeting extensively with the IHS faculty to explore various models that can address our goals. Through these steps, the committee became well versed in a variety of scheduling models and began to consider which of these structures highlighted our strengths as a school community and which addressed areas where we could still grow. Through this thoughtful and comprehensive process, the scheduling committee proposed a master schedule that best fit IHS.

In the fall of 2017, we held a parent forum that IHS designed to share our thinking and our work. Here is a link to the video of that parent forum: Master Schedule Parent Presentation Fall 2017 Video, as well as a copy of the slideshow presentation: Master Schedule Parent Slideshow Presentation. We encourage you to review both in advance of our next opportunity to discuss the master schedule.

On December 11 at 7:00 PM in the Campus Theater, we will be hosting a parent information meeting to share our process in greater detail and the resulting proposed master schedule. Additionally, we will outline a timeline for next steps. This will include grade level workshops with students to provide them with a detailed understanding of the new master schedule, as well as ways for them to become part of the planning for implementation. Our goal is to be transparent, inclusive and comprehensive to best ensure that the new master schedule supports success for the collective school community, as well as each and every student.

We look forward to the December meeting, extending the dialogue and preparing for the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.