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Pride Celebration Unifies Irvington Middle School Community

Irvington Middle School students held the third annual Pride Celebration in the middle and high school quad on June 7. The event – which was organized and facilitated by the IMS Character Building/Social-Emotional Learning and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee and Diversity Alliance Club – highlighted the school’s commitment to a welcoming and affirming environment.

“I am so proud of our students’ hard work and determination to make our Pride Celebration a huge success,” said school psychologist Julianna Calapai, who organized the event along with Assistant Principal Allyson Daley. “Together with the high school GSA, the IMS Diversity Alliance created a fun and engaging outdoor space that embraced the vibrant tapestry of identities within our student body with open hearts and minds. As a welcoming and inclusive school community, we affirm our belief that everyone has the right to live authentically, courageously and to be true to oneself.”

During the celebration, the students participated in various stations and activities that allowed them to learn more information about the different flags of the LGBTQ+ community, various pronouns and identities, as well as the history of Pride Month. They were also treated to prizes, created chalk drawings and wrote on Post-it notes their own definition of pride. They also enjoyed dancing to music and a live performance by Irvington Middle School musicians.

The activities were part of Irvington Middle School’s efforts to continue to foster an inclusive, supportive and affirming environment.