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MSS Students Shine at Spring Concert

Main Street School students demonstrated their musical talents at their annual spring concert on June 6. Members of the fourth and fifth grade bands, fourth and fifth grade orchestras, fourth grade chorus and Main Street School Singers performed a variety of repertoire.

The fifth grade band performed “Time Travelers: First Mission” and “Alpha Dog.” The fifth grade orchestra performed “Firework,” “First Star” and “To the Greenwood.” The fourth grade band performed “Ode to Joy” and “I Want Candy Grooves, Part 2.” The fourth grade orchestra performed a traditional Chinese folk song and a traditional French folk song. The Main Street School Singers performed “Marienwürmchen” and “Best Day.” The fourth grade chorus performed “Rainbow” and “Unstoppable.”

The students worked diligently to prepare for the concert, under the direction of orchestra and fourth grade chorus director Nicole Allison and band and MSS Singers director Megan Hannon.