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Fifth Graders Bring History to Life

Main Street School fifth graders, who have been studying about the impact of the Spanish conquistadors on the Aztec civilization, participated in a theater residency program to bring their studies to life. During the culminating performances on May 6 and May 9, the students took on the roles of experts and educators to share their knowledge from their Mesoamerican unit.

Throughout the 10-week program, which encompassed reading, writing, the study of the Aztec civilization, drama and public speaking, the students worked with two teaching artists from Child’s Play NY. They created a script and wrote short scenes and monologues as they built toward the final presentations of a trial. They also developed their knowledge of history, government, culture and ancient civilizations, and researched firsthand documents and artifacts to develop their evidence and make their case. 

Through Child’s Play NY, which is an award-winning theater program, the teachers collaborated with the artists to provide their students with lessons on the intersection of history and theater. 

Special thanks to the fifth grade teachers for their hard work and to Irvington Education Foundation for generously funding the program through a grant.