Google Outage Learning Resources

  • Health & SEL
    MSS Students should access the MSS Library Webpage
    Click on Brainpop
    Username: mainstreetem
    Password: Look

    Click on Health & SEL
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    Mindfulness- watch the video

    Engage in a mindfulness practice for 10 minutes- nature walk, coloring, listen to music, etc.

    Read in your independent reading book for 25 minutes.

    Choose one of the below and write a response in your Reader's Notebook or on looseleaf paper.
    • Write a letter to one the characters about what makes him/her a good friend. Use examples from the text to support your reasons.
    • Write a profile of your character by answering these questions:

    1) What does your character do to show his/her personality?
    2) What does your character look like on the outside?
    3) What does your character say to show his/her personality?
    4) How does your character change?
    5) What lesson does your character learn?

    Practice fact fluency- either in Xtramath, Greg Tang Kakooma or flash cards