Parent Involvement

  • Irvington PTSA
    The Irvington PTSA, which supports all four schools, provides funding for a wide range of resources and programs, including supplemental classroom resources, cultural arts programming, senior class scholarships and grants. Your participation helps make these things happen! - Your involvement demonstrates to your children your commitment to their education and your belief that school and home work hand in hand in the development of your child. Studies have shown that students whose parents are interested and involved in their schools are often better and more motivated.

    You can participate in the PTSA by becoming an officer, by volunteering for the various events and programs that the organization offers, and/or by simply attending PTSA meetings and events, which helps to strengthen and foster our community spirit and support our goals for each of the Irvington schools.

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    Class Parents
    Class parents are, usually, two parents from each class who serve as the primary interface between your child’s teacher and all parents in your child’s class, with regard to class events and activities that invite and/or require the participation of parents in these activities. Selection of parents is done through the PTSA. Class parents often coordinate parent volunteers for field trips, parent involvement in classroom parties, celebrations, presentations, and other classroom-related activities in which parents are invited to participate. The class parents are chosen during the summer for the following school year through the PTSA.

    Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)
    Here are some facts about PAC:

    • The group meets once a month, and minutes of its meetings are posted on this website and on PTSA bulletin boards in the school lobbies.
    • Parents may get their concerns on the PAC agenda by contacting a PTSA Vice President for their school. In grades K-5, parents may also contact their Class Parent, and in grades 6-8 they may contact their Parent Liaison. These volunteers will pass long the issue to their Grade Parent or Vice President. Of course, parents may also contact a Grade Parent directly.
    • Parents and others who bring up issue for PAC remain anonymous.
    • Parents who have asked to have their concerns discussed will be contacted after the PAC meeting by a Vice President or Grade Parent to learn how the issue was resolved.
    • The PAC meeting schedule is included on each school's page in the district calendar.
    • Contact a PAC member or Class Parent with your issue the week before the meeting is scheduled.
    • Faculty and administration members may also bring issues to PAC.
    • PAC has been a successful tool for keeping communication open between home and school. Please think of PAC when you have an issue or concern.

    Irvington Education Foundation (IEF)
    The Irvington Education Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organization established for the purpose of enhancing public education in the town of Irvington. The purpose of the Irvington Education Foundation is to raise funds and re-grant them to the Irvington schools to support significant projects and activities designed to enrich the education of community children. The Foundation serves as a vehicle for the Irvington community to stimulate and encourage students, faculty, administrators, parents and others to explore new ways of meaningfully augmenting the school curriculum.

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    Board of Education
    The Board of Education is the official policy-making body of the school district. In Irvington, seven residents serve on the board without pay. They are elected by the district’s voters to rotating three-year terms of office.