School Safety

  • Building Security
    The safety of our students is our number one priority. All doors remain locked during the school day. Our Main Entrance is staffed by a personal greeter at all times during school hours.

    Family Emergency Information
    It is imperative to your child’s safety that MSS has an accurate record of any and all phone numbers by which we can contact an immediate family member. In addition to these, you will be required to identify surrogates who have your permission to pick up your child in the event of any change in procedures.

    Emergency Drills
    We hold monthly emergency drills.  

    Fire Drills
    New York State mandates twelve fire drills during the school year.

    Bus Safety
    Our students are attended by a bus monitor in addition to their driver on every bus. Students receive bus safety tips and experience a bus safety drill early in the school year. Please remind your child that all safety procedures they would follow in your car MUST be practiced on the bus. Students who violate these safety rules place themselves and others in jeopardy and will face possible bus suspensions. You can find out more information regarding expectations here: MSS Bus Expectations.

    Recess Monitors
    At Main Street we have monitors that supervise students during the recess period. The recess monitors are not full time employees of Main Street and are generally here only during the recess periods. Their primary role is to maintain the health and safety of all children.

    Visitors Procedures

    Visiting a Classroom or Staff Member:  All visitors to our school building are required to sign-in at the greeter desk.  If you are visiting a classroom, you will need to make sure that the classroom teacher is expecting you at that time.  If you are visiting a staff member, you should schedule an appointment in advance. If you do not have an appointment, we may not be able to meet with you at that moment.  Upon signing in, the greeter will give you a badge that you should wear during the time you are at school. You must show photo identification.

    Dropping off something for your child or picking something up:  Please bring items to the main office and make sure you note both your child's and teacher’s name on the item you are leaving. Your child will come to the main office to retrieve the item. To maintain uninterrupted instruction time, no adult is permitted to deliver any item to the classroom directly. We appreciate your support in this matter.  We encourage you to not bring forgotten items to school, but rather encourage your child to develop responsibility and independence.

    Child Custody & Visitation Rights
    In order to follow the dictates of the law, when a MSS family experiences divorce or separation it is necessary for the MSS administrators to obtain a copy of the court orders regarding custody and visitation in any case that restricts one parent’s rights to see or be in contact with a child. Without legal paperwork in hand, the school has no authority to remove a parent from our premises or to refuse a parent’s access to his or her child. We appreciate your cooperation with this request.