Extracurricular Experiences

  • Main Street School offers students a myriad of opportunities to extend and enrich their learning in different areas of the curriculum.

    Performance Music
    Students may participate in one or more of our extracurricular performing ensembles: Band, MSS Singers and Orchestra. These groups perform twice a year during the winter and spring. Small group lessons are offered in Band and Orchestra.  Not only do we strive to foster each child’s musicality, we hope to develop his/her sense of self and importance in a community of learners.

    Instrument lessons are provided on a weekly basis during the lesson block time designated for your child’s classroom. Students attend a 40 minute lesson. During this time homeroom teachers do not introduce any new material; teachers take the opportunity to work with students in small groups as well as provide individual support to meet students’ needs.

    In September, fifth graders begin band and orchestra rehearsals.   In January, the fourth graders will begin weekly band and orchestra practice which takes place before the start of the school day. Parents are responsible for getting their child to school.

    MSS Singers is composed of fourth and fifth graders, which meets weekly before school.

    Intramural sports are open to any fourth and fifth grade boy and girl. The boys and girls each have their separate day to attend intramurals. Parents sign a permission slip for their child to participate. Boys and girls play a half hour before school, 8:15 am – 8:45am, one day a week. Activities are presented and organized each year on a rotating basis. Intramural sports may include baseball, basketball, floor hockey, gymnastics, kickball, soccer, team handball and volleyball.


    Art Club
    The Art Club provides students with an open space to create and work from their own ideas and encouragement to develop their own personal artistic practice This club meets during the lunch/recess period.

    Board Games
    The Board Games Club will you a chance to meet and make new friends!  There are plenty of games to challenge your mind and engage in some friendly competition.  Come to board games…you will not be bored! This club meets during the lunch/recess period.

    Craft Club
    Craft Club is a creative outlet that provides you with an opportunity to participate in a range of structured crafts and activities! Some crafts are short-term projects (i.e. tie-dyeing), while others are worked on over a longer period of time (i.e scrapbooking). Some crafts are designed to promote global citizenship as well. This club meets during the lunch/recess period.

    Environmental Club
    The Environmental Club members oversee our recycling program, and they will work to educate all of the students at MSS about environmental issues. This club meets during the lunch recess period.

    Garden Club
    The MSS Garden Club is the student leadership team for the MSS Garden.  This group maintains the garden-weeding, planting and tending. In addition, students will lead the fundraising to support the continued growth and development of our garden.  This club meets during the lunch/recess period.

    Homework Club
    This club offers the children a unique opportunity to complete homework in a timely manner, receive homework support and encouragement, and get ahead academically.  We offer a comfortable and relaxing environment to ensure positive learning. This club meets Monday through Thursday during the lunch/recess period.

    Matheletes is a national program which challenges students to use computational, analytical and problem solving skills.  During the club time, students prepare for the national math meets by practicing problems and sharing their solutions and strategies. The students in the Math League Club at the fourth and fifth grade levels compete in five math “meets” throughout the course of the school year.

    Mindfulness Club
    Personal Wellness is something we believe in at MSS.  We are always exploring the ways in which we can support our students to be educated about wellness and to live a healthy lifestyle.  From Minute to Move, to intramurals, to yoga, to healthy heart week to our health and wellness fair we believe strongly that healthy bodies are connected to healthy minds. This club will meet once a week during recess and students will run along the aqueduct with their advisor.  The advisor will support students in understanding the safety and health benefits to running as well provide an opportunity for students to stretch before and after their run.  Students will set goals and keep track of their runs.  This club meets during the lunch/recess period.

    Newspaper club
    The Newspaper club is for you if you are an aspiring writer and interested in collaborating with your peers on current events and topics of interest, this club is for you!  Sections will include but not limited to: current events, interviews, book reviews, recipes, advice columns and jokes.  This club meets during the lunch/recess period.

    Reader’s Theater
    Readers Theater club is readers reading a script adapted from literature, and the audience picturing the action from hearing the script being read aloud. It requires no sets, costumes, props or memorized lines.  This club meets during the lunch/recess period.

    Running Club
    The Running club offers students an opportunity to run during recess.  Students will run with the club adviser, along the aqueduct.  Students will also learn proper stretching techniques. This club meets during the lunch/recess period.

    School Store
    The MSS School Store is a club that meets throughout the school year for Main Street School students.   During lunch and recess, students will have opportunities to sell products to the school community such as notebooks, pencils and so much more.  So if you are interested in sales and working with your peers, come join us at the MSS Store! This club meets during the lunch/recess period.

    Theater Club
    The MSS Club will meet beginning in February.  Information about auditions will be sent out in late January.  All students who audition will have a role in the production. Students meet for rehearsals after school from February through May.  There are three performances- one for 4th graders, one for 5th graders and one for parents/community members.