Home-School Communications

  • Open House
    Back to school night is held on an evening in early September. This is an opportunity to meet your child’s teachers, get a preview of the year’s curriculum and find out information needed for a successful and great school year. Please see our webpage calendar for the date. Information will also be sent home with your child.

    Report Cards/Conferences
    Report cards are given November, March and June. Parent-teacher conferences are held near the time of distribution of the report cards. Conferences are held during the school day as well as in the evening. Information about scheduling a conference will be sent home via backpacks, as the meeting dates approach.

    Thursdays at MSS is “flyer day”.  However, we only send home flyers that need to be returned.  In addition, we do send home flyers from PTSA, Irvington Recreation, Irvington Farmer’s Market, etc. We make every effort to distribute information one day a week to help parents maintain organization. Flyers printed on goldenrod (yellowish/orange) paper are flyers pertaining to Main Street events.  All flyers will also be emailed with the Main Street School Scoop.

    Main Street School Scoop
    Every Thursday, a the Main Street School Scoop is emailed home to parents.  Every effort is made to include all timely and relevant information in this weekly newsletter.  Please take the time to read the Scoop weekly.

    Correspondence with Teachers
    Teachers can be reached via phone message, note or e-mail. Messages will be returned within 24 hours. Please note that time sensitive messages (i.e. change in dismissal procedure) should be done via a note or phone call and not by email.  teachers do not always have time to check email during the school day and/or he/she might be absent.

    What if I have a Question?
    We believe that the best way to address a concern, calm a fear or quell a rumor is to communicate immediately with the person most directly involved in the situation. In most instances, this is your classroom teacher. Whenever you have a concern or question regarding instruction, homework, upcoming field trips, etc. we ask that you begin by having a conversation with your child’s teacher.

    When you have a concern or question regarding a school policy or procedure, we encourage you to call Joyce Chapnick, Principal of MSS for clarification on these matters. We will do our best to respond to your question and address your concern. 
    The school phone number is 914-269-5213