• Mathematics:
    In fourth and fifth grades, students continue to become flexible mathematical thinkers through the strategies, content and problem solving activities found in the EngageNY Modules.  The EngageNY Modules were developed specifically to meet the Common Core Learning Standards and aim to develop not only process, but to foster a deep understanding of mathematics. Our mathematics program supports learning through developing a solid foundation of number facts and number sense, through high expectations and support for all students, and through active involvement in real-world problem solving.

    Topics introduced and studied at each grade level include operations and algebraic thinking, place value, multi-digit computation, fractions, decimals, geometry, measurement and data collection, mental arithmetic and fact fluency.  One hour each day will be devoted to teaching mathematics at the fourth and fifth grade levels.

    Students have Problem Set and Homework workbooks, as well as math notebooks.  The notebooks serve as way for students to record math models and their thinking, and they can be used as a reference when completing assignments.  Frequent Exit Tickets serve as instructional checkpoints and may be sent home as a form of communication with families. More formal module assessments, scored with a rubric, will be shared as another way to support the home-school connection.