• Literacy:
    We embrace a balanced literacy philosophy around the teaching of reading and writing. Through this instructional approach, we immerse students in opportunities to read and write throughout the school day and in a variety of groupings that include whole class, small group, partner work and individual conferences. Teachers select a particular grouping depending on the support that students need to be successful at learning a skill or strategy. When a skill is new, the teacher provides a great deal of support, gradually turning the responsibility over to the children, as they become more competent using that skill.

    Children are taught to make appropriate book choices for themselves and to read and write deeply and broadly across a variety of genres. They are asked to read books that allow them to read with phrasing and fluency and ones they can understand on the literal and inferential levels. To support and inform this instruction, our teachers rely on both formal and informal assessments that provide insight into the strengths and needs of individual learners. All of this practice has as its singular goal the nurturing of lifelong literacy learners who will choose to read and write.