General Music

  • Main Street School ’s music program provides students many opportunities to develop their inherent musical talents. Students perform music from many styles and cultures as they learn about music theory, instrumental/vocal technique, expression and the importance of music in culture and history. All students have a General Music class once a week where they sing, play instruments (such as the keyboard, recorder, tone chimes and rhythm instruments), play games, compose, move to music and listen to music to develop musicianship. All students participate in chorus through their general music class.  There is a performance for fifth graders in January and one for fourth graders in June.

Performance Music

  • Students may participate in one or more of our extracurricular performing ensembles: Band, MSS Singers and Orchestra. These groups perform twice a year during the winter and spring. Small group lessons are offered in Band and Orchestra.  Not only do we strive to foster each child’s musicality, we hope to develop his/her sense of self and importance in a community of learners.

    Instrument lessons are provided on a weekly basis during the lesson block time designated for your child’s classroom. Students attend a 40 minute lesson. During this time homeroom teachers do not introduce any new material; teachers take the opportunity to work with students in small groups as well as provide individual support to meet students’ needs.

    In September, fifth graders begin band and orchestra rehearsals.   In January, the fourth graders will begin weekly band and orchestra practice which takes place before the start of the school day. Parents are responsible for getting their child to school.