Welcome to the College Search!

  • We know this is a daunting process for many, but our hope is that you will also find this process to be exciting.   Each family proceeds through the college search process at their own pace. Some students are eager to get started, and others may want to avoid the conversation for as long as possible.  Many factors, some important and others perhaps not, may influence the discussion. Opinions and suggestions will come from everywhere. Sorting it out can be a challenge.

    A key aspect will be some self-reflection on the part of the student.   Often those who do best at this are those who truly think about who they are as a person and what kind of learner they are.  While the reputation of a college is important, to some extent, to most people the more critical question is whether a school is a good “fit” or not.  We encourage you to avoid the term “good school” altogether. Any student’s list should represent a range of selectivity but if only the more selective colleges are described by parents or others as “good” schools, how will a student feel if accepted only to one or more that weren’t considered “good?”

    Your beginning list of colleges should be the result of a team effort among student, parents, and counselor.  Each brings certain knowledge and expertise that is important to the planning. The list may be quite long at first, but over the course of a student’s junior year, and fall of senior year, as a result of campus visits and ongoing discussion among students, parents, and counselor, the list will evolve and eventually result in the group of schools the student will actually apply to.  Let’s remember, of course, that this is the student’s life we are talking about and s/he should decide where to look, apply, and attend after considering the thoughts of all concerned.

    We hope that the information included in this packet will help answer some of your questions and guide you through the process.  Undoubtedly, you will have questions. Please don’t hesitate to ask. We look forward to working with your student in the coming months as you plan for your future.

    Good luck!
    The Counseling Department
    Mrs. Attenello Mr. Debatte, Ms. Giordano, Mr. Lund and Mrs. Herskowitz.