• Dear New Student & Family,

    Welcome to Irvington!   We are so excited to have you join our community and look forward to getting to know you!  We also understand how intimidating it can be to join a new school community. This packet of information is designed to help make your transition to our school a smooth one.  Included, you will find the bell schedule, a map of the school, a list of important people to know, and more! If you have any questions that are not answered in this packet, please always feel free to reach out to your school counselor, or one of your teachers.  We are all here to help!

    Before you can meet with your counselor, you must have already completed the initial registration process in the district office.  Don’t forget to bring all of your health forms to the school nurse as well!

    Next Steps:
    Once you have completed the registration process, and brought all health forms to the school nurse, you will need to schedule an appointment with your school counselor. You may do so by contacting the School Counseling Department Secretary at (914) 269-5432.

    At this initial meeting, you will work together with your counselor to register for the appropriate classes, discuss NYS graduation requirements, and answer any individual questions you may have.

    • If your last name begins with A-C:  Ms. Colman is your School Counselor
    • If your last name begins with D-J:  Mrs. Attenello is your School Counselor
    • If your last name begins with K-P:  Mr. Lund is your School Counselor
    • If your last name begins with Q-Z: Mr. DeBatte is your School Counselor

    Preparing for your first school counseling meeting:
    Your meeting will typically last around 40 minutes.  Either before or after the meeting, your counselor will connect you with a current student who will give you a school tour.  At this time (or another pre-scheduled time), you may also be asked to complete some placement exams.

    Please bring the following information with you to your scheduled appointment:

    • An official copy of your transcript (if you have attended another high school)
    • All report cards from the current school year.
    • State/Standardized Test Results (if available)
    • A school profile or additional information that may help us properly schedule your classes
    • IEP/504 documentation (if applicable)
    • The Getting to Know You questionnaire, completed (included in this packet)

    Again, welcome to the Irvington High School Community!  We are here to support you through your transition and your remaining years in high school.  Don’t hesitate to reach out-all questions are good ones!


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