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Dows Lane, MSS Students Enjoy Playtime With Peers

Students at Dows Lane Elementary School and Main Street School put down their electronic devices to participate in unobstructed playtime and freedom to play with other children during the annual Global School Play Day on Feb. 5.

“We value play every day, and on Feb. 5, we played even more,” Dows Lane Principal Andrea Kantor said. “Students talked, played and shared games throughout the day.”

Having brought their favorite games and toys to school, the students interacted with peers in self-directed play activities both indoors and outdoors. Main Street School Principal Joyce Chapnick said everyone had a fun-filled play experience.

“Some of the games the students played included Twister, Monopoly, pick-up sticks, paper airplane construction, coloring, Spirograph, origami, Legos, blocks, paper castle building and more,” Chapnick said. “In addition, students played original music on instruments, played outside and so much more.”