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Main Street School Names Spelling Bee Champions

Fourth and fifth graders competed to claim the title of Main Street School’s best spellers during the 13th annual Spelling Bee championship, held in the auditorium on Jan. 10.

Eighty-three fourth graders and 55 fifth graders participated in the pre-bee qualifying round. The top scorers from each grade – 21 fourth graders and 21 fifth graders – were named finalists and earned a spot in the schoolwide spelling bee competition.

“We recognize and congratulate all of the students who took a risk to try out for the Spelling Bee,” Principal Joyce Chapnick said. “We are very proud of all of the students who participated.”

After nine rounds, the fourth grade winning title went to Abigail Spies, while Layla DaCosta was named runner-up. The winner of the fifth grade spelling bee, which lasted for 10 rounds, was Zoe Lang, while Oonagh Brandon was named runner-up.

Special thanks to the PTSA for sponsoring the event.