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MSS Celebrates Virtual Health and Wellness Day

Main Street School fourth and fifth graders participated in various physical and educational activities as part of their school’s Virtual Health and Wellness Day on May 8.

Facilitated by physical education teacher Laura Shaw, the event kicked off in a Google Meet, where staff and students reconnected virtually and warmed up to get ready for the day’s events. Throughout the day, the students were encouraged to participate in various activities related to health and wellness. Using equipment and materials from around their homes, they completed Field Day activities, including Keep It Up, Paper Plane Cornhole, Sock-er Skee Ball, Tennis Shoe Tower and Water Bottle Trap.

In addition, the students completed one activity from each of the categories of Healthy Eating, Medical and Mental Health, including mindful listening, yoga and a scavenger hunt. They learned about different parts of the body through online videos and puzzles, became food critics, created rainbow salads and learned about calories and sugar in foods.

“Taking care of our own health and wellness is very important right now,” Shaw said. “Our Health and Wellness Day gave everyone at MSS an opportunity to focus solely on that for one day. Students were able to learn new activities that they can do at any time to relieve stress and focus on their own health and well-being. It was also a great community-building event as we were able to come together virtually as a whole school community, which was a great experience for all the students.”