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Choice Time Fosters Connectivity for First Graders

First graders from Ronni Alpert and Leighanne Wenig’s class at Dows Lane Elementary School engaged in a variety of creative and educational stations during choice time.

Some students embarked on artistic endeavors, creating portraits and pictures, and adding words on their pieces. Others embraced collaborative play in the game of “Topple” and learned to take turns and work together toward a common goal. Another group of budding architects collaborated to construct buildings representing different parts of the world. In addition, the students completed a math activity, using pictures and numbers to solve complex word problems. 

“Choice time helps children develop social relationships and connectivity, which are important to a child’s persistence in school, love of learning and self-efficacy,” Alpert said. “The groups and topics always change. We love this special time together.”

During choice time, Alpert and Wenig enjoy small group instruction with their students. The groups, which consist of three to four students, change daily to allow each student to work with their teachers at least one additional time during the week.