Dows Lane Enrichment Program

  • Twice during the school year, Fall and Spring, Dows Lane offers an afterschool enrichment program through a partnership with the Family YMCA at Tarrytown.  This program runs at Dows Lane with offerings such as: Beginning World Languages, Legos, Magic, Golf, Soccer, Sewing, STEAM, Coding, etc.


    The Family YMCA at Tarrytown, a not for profit charitable organization, offers an afterschool Enrichment program to the students at the Irvington Dows Lane Elementary School. We will be on-site from dismissal at 2:20 pm. Specialized Enrichment classes will be from 2:30-3:30. Parents must come into the school to pick up their children @ 3:30.

    Enrichment pricing is based on curriculum, preparatory time for instructors, and the overall program supervision. Materials fees where noted must be paid directly to the instructor during the first class. Please note that some classes incorporate special snacks into the class. If you have a concern regarding the snacks please speak directly with the instructor.