Finding the “right fit” college is hard.  There’s so much to keep in mind.  One thing that we’ve noticed increasing on everyone’s minds are the rising costs of college and whether the return on investment is worth the high ticket price. That’s why the IHS Counseling Department is excited to announce a new partnership with the web-based, digital platform, Edmit, to help in the financial planning for college.  

    Edmit agrees that you deserve to know more than just whether a school "feels good." And that life after graduation will be everything you want it to be financially. That's why they built a tool for people who don’t have time to become experts in higher education economics. 

    Edmit is available to you at no cost thanks to generous sponsorships and includes:

    • Award-winning software: Make a personalized plan to find the best financial fit - all in one place.
    • Financial education: Along the way, learn the basics about everything from the FAFSA to student debt and budgeting.
    • Expert advice: Get a second opinion and discuss your options with our knowledgeable advisors, online or on the phone

    Edmit can help your family:

    • Check colleges’ affordability with our financial aid and merit aid estimates
    • Evaluate post-graduation salaries by major and by college
    • Get the information and advice you need to reduce your costs and avoid taking too much student debt

    Edmit was founded by parents and former university leaders who understand how emotional and confusing the college application and financial aid process can be. Their mission-driven team combines experience in finance, education, data, and technology to bring you great advice at every step of the process. 

    The goal of our partnership with Edmit is to help aid the IHS community in making great financial decisions about college so that our families are better off in the long term.


    Register for FREE here:  https://www.edmit.me/IrvingtonHS